Installation of any Yurt

no matter the location or type

Our goal is to offer professional yurt installation services for modern yurts. We’ve worked with various brands, but we’re experienced with Rainier Outdoor and Pacific Yurts, as well as hard panel Smiling Woods Yurts. We’ve installed in various locations across the US, and in different climates like the islands and beaches of Washington, to snowy mountainsides in Idaho, and even distant areas like Myanmar and South Korea.


Yurt Repairs

deck to dome and all around

As the years wear and tear on your yurt, upkeep sometimes just isn’t enough. Water damage is the most common issue with yurts, and usually has to do with improper installation. We offer services that range from deck, platform and lattice repair to sidewall/roof cover and dome replacement for older or badly torn yurts.

Custom Interiors

make it a home

As so many people are finding themselves pursuing their dream of living in the round, utilizing space adequately becomes a reality. While some prefer the open interior space a yurt provides, others desire more structure. We can custom build interiors to enclose a bathroom or bedroom for privacy, and give a more modern home feel. Lofts are popular for both storage and extra sleeping space, and can be built with stair or ladder access.